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Years ago, George Washington Carver said, "How far you go in
life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate
with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant
of the weak and the strong.

Because some day in life you will have been all of these."

Your morning Irish blessing:

These things I warmly wish to you...
Someone to love, some work to do,
A bit o' sun, a bit o' cheer,
And a guardian angel always near.


Our hearts are heavy,
our fears run deep.

We hold them tight
and watch them sleep.

We struggle for words,
worry how much to say
wonder how such things happen
we pray and we pray.

A town much like ours
just another Tuesday,
so many lives ripped apart
just what do we say.

We know who you are
your just one of us
we look at our own
it may have been us.

What happens to them
they are children we say
what makes them go wrong
what turns them away.

Why didn't we know
what should we have done
how can we stop this
see this is the one.

We must pay attention
as we watch our kids grow
listen and love
so that we might know.

How deep is their pain
are we reading the clues
how are they coping
are they talking or blue.

We may never know
why this happened today
or how to help
or what to say.

But we want you to know
as you struggle to heal
that we all send our love
and pray that you heal.

-- by Kali1212@aol.com

Dear God,

You sent a child to me
To fill my life with joy,
And only You knew which was best --
A little girl or boy.

Somehow I took for granted, Lord,
That we would have a lifetime,

And I made so many future plans
For that precious child of mine.

Enchanted by that Miracle,
Caught up in each new day,

I guess I didn't hear You, Lord,
When You said, "This one can't stay."

I trust You, Lord. Thy will; not mine,
Yet I can't understand

This sudden loss -- the emptiness --
Caused by another's hand.

I know my child's an angel now
But my heart is aching so.

I'm sorry I wasn't ready, Lord,
To let my baby go.

There wasn't time for one last hug;
There was no final kiss.

Oh God, it's all those special smiles
That I already miss.

So Lord, could you do just one thing
For me especially?

Please hold my angel close to You
And say goodbye for me.


-- by Bonnielee Walsh © 1995


When do you find out if youíre falling way faster then you outta
And your forever light seems to be burning lower
Than my hope that used to soar so high
But how much is too much for someone like me
How much is too little for someone like me
Fire in front of that Angel face
Who are you anyway
What kind of songs have you sung
What kind of beat do you run to
What kind of place does your heart belong
Was it ever real
Was it ever real

When do you find out if youíre falling way faster then you outta
And your forever light seems to be burning lower
Than my hope that used to soar so high
Itís not right
I shouldnít have danced so high
I shouldnít have let myself cry
Cuz now all the places we seem to go one day
Fly out of me
Like a bomb
Exploding in the deepest of faith
I shouldnít have danced so high
It only turns to footsteps anyway
With little indentation
Of the sounds of the screaming
The sounds of the screaming
Like the rain tapping at my window
With no control of its rhythm
When do you find out if youíre falling way faster then you outta
And your forever light seems to be burning lower
Than my hope that used to soar so high
Was it ever real
Was it ever real
I shouldnít have danced so high
Cuz now the fall hit so hard
I shouldnít have danced so high

Angel Elizabeth © All Rights Reserved 1999


I saw light for the very first time
Because I breathed
Me, the one who hid this whole time
Iíve finally touched base
Time flies so fast here
I think it does because I finally excepted it
Excepting you
And now Iím flying towards you cuz Timeís on my side
And so are you
I finally excepted you as a part of me
Instead of a demon in disguise
Youíre an Angel
Just like me
Thereís no explanation yet
But Iím waiting with a smile on my face
For you
Two halves of the two wholes
Complicated huh?
I miss you
Thatís why this is yours
I want to thank you for bringing me here
Maybe this is the way back home to you
Is that what that grin was for
Do you know a secret?
Tell me please
Iím dying to know
But I guess now youíre an Angel like me
And I have to wait until God has his Time for us
And Iím okay with that
Weíre okay

Angel Elizabeth © All Rights Reserved 1999


I canít die anymore
I wonít let you consume me
Because I treasure this too much to hate you
I have to live
I have to give nothing more to you
Because itís your turn to slip on the ice
I need a teacher
A believer
A lifetime
To save me form you
Because I want this to be perfect for the lights
I need this to be right for me
Because I need to smell the roses for awhile
Instead of handling them with such delicacy then getting
pricked by thorns
I need a teacher
A believer
A lifetime
A singer
A breather
For the right time
Because I treasure this too much to hate you
Because itís your turn to slip on the ice
I need this to be right for me
Because I need to smell the roses for awhile
Instead of handling them with such delicacy then getting
pricked by thorns

Angel Elizabeth © All Rights Reserved 1999


I stop dead in my tracks
Because youíre out there thinking of me
Iím so blurry without you
Itís like Iím standing in a blizzard
So warm by the thought of you
Chilled from the tears of you
Crushed by the altitude
Because I always know when youíre with me
I always get the chill up my spine
You make me smile
You make me cry
For all the lost time weíre wasting
All the happiness weíre not tasting
Because neither of us know how to get there
And maybe Iím the only one thinking itís not fair
I stop dead in my tracks
Because youíre breathing with me
I can hear it clicking
I can feel it beating through every bone in my body
I can see you dreaming
Cuz every step of the way
Iím dreaming too
Iím dreaming too
Iím so blurry without you
Itís like Iím standing in a blizzard
So warm by the thought of you
Chilled from the tears of you
Crushed by the altitude
Because I always know when youíre with me
I always get the chill up my spine
You make me smile
You make me cry
For all the lost time weíre wasting
All the happiness weíre not tasting
Because neither of us know how to get there
And maybe Iím the only one thinking itís not fair
Iím so blurry without you
Iím so mismatched without you
So blurry
Itís like Iím standing in a blizzard
Snow falling down
So warm by the thought of you
Chilled from the tears of you
Crushed by the altitude
Because I always know when youíre with me
I always know when youíre with me

Angel Elizabeth © All Rights Reserved 1999


I look out the window
I canít stop looking out the window
Looking for the shattered pieces of mysoul
Canít stop looking both ways
Trying to find the place
Where we belong together
Together, intertwined never
Letting go again
Never breaking the thread again
Iím constantly dizzy by the thoughts of you
Silently breaking cuz Iím let by you
Iím broken
Broken with glitter secrets
Iím broken
Wanting more but magic
In your eyes
Moved by you, your silent cries
Gliding through softness
I canít stop pleading
I need your heart
Your protection
Your soul
I canít stop shaking
Your breath
That hole
Iím broken
Broken with glitter secrets
Iím broken
Wanting more but magic
In your eyes
Moved by you, your silent cries
We have to breathe
We have to break
Thereís not much more I can take
In your eyes
Moved by you, your silent cries
Moved by you
Iím broken
Broken with glitter secrets
Iím broken
Wanting more but magic
In your eyes
Moved by you, your silent cries
Broken with glitter secrets
Moved by you

Angel Elizabeth © All Rights Reserved 1998


Has anything made you so happy
But hurt just to think of that whirlwind
Seas of dreams donít work
When skies arenít supposed to be blue
Iíve never been so alone
With so many smiling faces
And smiles only make you remember what you lost
How do you break through of that
How do you fade away from that
Or does waiting bring you great things
And midnight skies start to amaze me
But no one can answer
No one can breathe my breath for me
Help me stay suitable for this time
I canít be rescued yet I guess
Howíd I get into this mess
Dying from broken glass
Hopelessness overdemands my soul sometimes
It makes the lights all fade away
And I have to struggle to get back
And then thereís a whole other war to fight for
How do you break through of that
How do you fade away from that
But no one can answer
No one can breathe my breath for me
Help me stay suitable for this time
I canít be rescued yet I guess
Iím not allowed to smile yet I guess
Howíd I get into this mess
Dying from broken glass
Shatter, shatter
The memories donít belong
Shatter, shatter
Iím not equip to be strong
Shatter, shatter
Iíve been waiting for this for so long

Angel Elizabeth © All Rights Reserved 1998

The Pain of the End

Even though its been a while
The pain is still fresh
So deep in my heart
Yet right near the flesh

The knowing it wonít happen
Is the worst of all
Knowing it wasnít meant to be
Who makes this call?

My knight in shining armor
The twinkling star in my sky
The angel of my life
Oh how I want to cry

When I think of the pain
The wonder we had
The joyous times
The times we made each other mad

We shared so much
We were one
We had it all
Then we were done

It happened so quickly
Like lighting in the night
A quick break
Then he was out of sight

He left nothing behind
Nothing but the pain
The heartache he caused
How quickly it came

He was my light that shined
So brightly on me
Guiding my heart to find
This place where it should be

Now that heís gone
I find it hard
To know which way of life
Is the right card

Where should I go
Who should I be
My heart is gone
Just leaving me

No love left inside
Only the desire to move on
But not knowing how
When I feel so alone

I would love some help
On how to accomplish this feat
How do I get him back
What requirements must I meet?

What can I do
When I donít even want to live
Without this wonder in my life
What do I have to give?

Jennifer Ratcliff

This was sent to me to share with you all by Blittzen

The Littleton, Colorado Shooting


Jonny brought a gun to school,
He told his friends that it was cool,

And when he pulled the trigger back,
It shot with a great crack.

Mommy, I was a good girl,
I did what I was told,

I went to school,
I got straight As',

I even got the gold!

But Mommy, when I went to school that day,
I never said goodbye,

I'm sorry Mommy, I had to go,
But Mommy, please don't cry.

When Johnny shot the gun,
He hit me and another,

And all because Johnny,
Got the gun from his older brother.

Mommy, please tell Daddy;
That I love him very much,

And please tell Chris; my boyfriend;
That it wasn't just a crush.

And tell my little sister;
That she is the only now,

And tell my dear sweet Grandmother;
I'll be waiting for her now,

And tell my wonderful friends;
That they always were the best,

Mommy, I'm not the first,
I'm no better then the rest.

Mommy, tell my teachers;
I won't show up for class,

And never to forget this,

And please don't let this pass.
Mommy, why'd it have to be me?

No one deserves this,

Mommy, warn the others,
Mommy, I left without a kiss.

And Mommy, tell the doctors;
I know they really did try,

I think I even saw a doctor,
Trying not to cry.

Mommy, I'm slowly dying,
With a bullet in my chest,

But Mommy, please remember,
I'm in heaven with the rest.

Mommy, I ran as fast as I could,
When I heard that crack,

Mommy, listen to me if you would,
I'm not coming back.

I wanted to go to college,
I wanted to try things that were new,

I guess I'm not going with Daddy;
On that trip to the new zoo.

I wanted to get married,
I wanted to have a kid,

I wanted to be an actress,
Mommy, I wanted to live.

But Mommy, I must go now,
The time is getting late,

Mommy tell my boyfriend,
I'm sorry, but I had to cancel the date.

I love you Mommy, I always have,
I'll know; you know it's true,

And Mommy all I wanted to say is,
"Mommy, I love you"

By: author unknown

I would like to dedicate this to all the people, especially the teens and
young children that violence has hurt.


Once sad and troubled I sat out to find some peace.
It was a time that I needed to heal, a time for health to restore.
Not knowing how or when this would be
I scanned some pages of laughter and poetry.

I needed to look far inside this person I called me
Not knowing that the illness was a blessing to be.
Lost and wrapped in doing things for many, but not for me,
Was stopped and shown it wasn't to be.

Learning to laugh and learning to cry
Though often this had been lost so deep inside.
Starting to look and startled to find
A world that had a different person inside.

Not understanding or really having a clue
That what was happening was a person anew.
Thinking only to heal this body that was bruised,
Not knowing it was a heart that had been used.

Often questions that were pushed down to hide
Now there was nothing but thinking time.
Many a hours to look deep down inside
Oh such feelings that was there to find.

It felt good to laugh and yes to even cry,
To be able to say No, not this time.
No longer was there room to put these feeling inside.
No longer would there be room for them to hide.

True, some were scary and some caused great pain,
But to grow and to be free, it would gain.
Some were a surprise to learn again
Someone else knew that I had to go down that lane.

Oh how good it felt to relax and to really feel.
How good it did the heart to show what was so real.
To share and not to be afraid or have to deal
With what others felt that you should or shouldn't feel.

Each step out of that prison wall
Was like watching each and every brick slowly fall.
One by one the stones would crawl,
Until down each one crumbled from those walls.

It wasn't easy to look deep within
Nor was it taken lightly to bend.
You tugged and pulled and fought the wind
And sometimes even wished it would all end.

Finally looking back on the mess, one sees
Things really weren't what they thought them to be.
Oh what a picture painted of this peaceful sea
But under neither was another one entirely.

Now the light has open the eyes,
Some of which would have to cry.
No the findings aren't all a surprise,
Only that of new feelings that arise.

Some may be good and some must be bad
But all were there always at hand.
Difference is that there not buried deep within the sand
There, there to be seen once again by man.

A rush of new things to experience now will come,
Time to relax and sit in the sun.
To learn to truly feel and be with one
Happy, content from dusk to dawn.

Lessons learnt the hard way has often been said,
To be lessons that one would never forget.
This one was a tough way to beget
But not by no means full of any regret.

Fighting and straining against the heavy flow,
Now the heart feelings can freely grow.
No hiding behind prison darken glows
Only wanting others to share and to know.

So when there is no where else to turn,
When thinking no one else would learn.
In those times looks deep within and around a curve
Those are the times to grow and let the your light burn.

It will never be easy and one may fall back from time to time.
It will always take courage to turn the hidden tide.
Pain, some will cause, but nothing like a pain you hide.
Release of true feelings gives full and lasting life.

So if you find yourself questioning the reasons
When there seems no changing of the seasons.
The times you're made to stop and to listen,
These things do knowing; soon the sun again will glisten.

It's a polishing of the stone, I am told.
That brings out the beauty and the bold
Colors for all to cherish and to know,
Once again you are becoming whole.

Cherish those lessons and don't push them aside.
Learn and remember what made you hide.
Move onward and step aside,
You'll be glad that the tide did arise.

Slow down and let the world move as it well.
Stop, listen and stop the turning of the wheel.
Nothing changed, will become tired and still
And will break the human will.

Don't fall into this bottomless pit.
Don't let others tell you that you don't fit.
They only mean to prosper for them
This is a deep and dangerous ditch.

While climbing out and struggling to be free,
Remember you to have to be able to speak.
It's ok, to feel and to be able to speak
It's ok, to walk your own path with your feet.

In the end it is you who will suffer and cry.
In the beginning it was you they wanted to hide.
All the in-betweens, the questions and whys,
Were to help to show you the sunny skies.

Now take these lessons, learnt in the middle of the night
Hold them close but do not hold them inside.
Share the person, the gift that abides.
Share the one, you are truly deep inside

Happier, peaceful and calmer is the sea
That isn't hiding the real you and me.
Then truly helping others you can be
That which you were looking to see.

The real person, feelings sad and happy,
The tear on the cheek or the hands clapping
A hug, some tender, some laughing
Sadness shared or joys a little sappy.

All the things are good to feel and show.
Some are known and some must re-grow
It's ok now, so let it go
A full life of happiness will finally show.

By Pati V.

This was written by a dear on line friend and sent to me to share with you
Thank You Pati

Why did I fall for you?

Why did I fall for you,
I feel like such a fool.......
I believed everything you said to me,
and you had to be so cruel......
I gave my heart away to you,
and fell for all your lies.......
I didn't mean to hurt you,
the damage I can't deny........
But when you said you wanted to leave me,
It made me go out of my mind........
Did I take your words to seriously,
or did I do it right.........
Maybe I should leave this world,
because all you do is decieve......
And you do such a good job,
In which my mind actually believes.......
Why did you have to make an asumption,
about something that wasn't true.......
Are you able to trust me,
with something that isn't so blue........
Why do you have to know every detail,
About my personal life.........
You may think your helping,
but actually you are not........
You ask me certain questions,
that I am not able to answer.........
I will never follow my heart again,
Especially for romance.......
Why did you have to force me,
In doing that shaming thing........
It made me really uncomfortable,
and that I know is true.......
I want you to leave me alone,
Cause I can't handle you face........
When I look at you,
All I see is a friend..........
I hope you can accept that,
And I hope you understand........
So don't think of me as an ex~girlfriend,
Don't think of me as an enemy........
You know I didn't try to break your heart,
You broke mine as well.......
There's one thing hard for me to understand,
And that is, Why did I ever fall fo you?

Written by


Thinking of You

Im sitting here thinking of you
But I never knew it would be so blue
While I sit here crying
My memories of you are not lying
You're the greatest guy I knew of
That's why I'll still send you all my love
Whenever I see a picture of you
I'll always think of the great things you were able to do
I always knew that you were so very clever
That's why you'll be a memory of mine forever
Forever, I'll be thinking of you
In loving memory of Douglas W. Secor

Poem by:

Road Trip

You look around, and don't know what road to take,
the road to your preferred life.
You choose the road on your left and keep on going and going.
You're running into a blind situation, for now you
take the risk that is involved and what comes may come, that was your attitude
toward life at first. You hid all the pain that was put on you, and pretended
nothing was bothering you. You felt that you needed to be the
"Perfect" person that everyone thought you to be. You lived by
the ways that everyone else wanted you to live. As you get older
you realize that this is your life and no one else's.
You are the one who should be running it, not everybody elseÖ
You decide to get yourself the help that is needed.
In order to achieve the life that was meant for you, so now
you decide to choose the road on your right.
This time the road had a sign, a sign that said, "on your way to recovery."
That's not what it really said, but you still believe that's where
this road is going to take you. You gain more confidence in yourself,
and gain more happiness. You know that you still have a long life to live and
that this road trip will soon become the successful life you always wanted it to be.
In the end I realize that this isn't your road trip, it's my road trip to life!

By: Katherine Koche
Copyright ©2001

If anyone ever needs to talk about anything, that you know you can't hold
in, I am here for you guys, so just IM me or e~mail me klutzykat684

Thank You for sharing










Written by BARB
Thank You for sharing


You know not what you do to me
How you have taken me
Not knowing what is to be

Left in the dark not knowing
Feelings that ripe you up
Is this love?

So much pain
So many question
The mind
Seeing only you
When does it became easier
Is it ever easier?

Just being with you
Just seeing you
Is like a maze
Only you can find me


By Steve Holzworht

Thank You for sharing

My Love For You

My Love For You Is Like A Fire,
And It Will Never Die For As Long As I Desire.
My Love For You Is Like A Rose,
From A Garden Of Love I Chose.
My Love For You Is As High As The Sky,
And I will Always Love You,
Untill The Day I Die

By JLM111@AOL.com

Thank You for sharing

A smile last forever.....

People come and people go and frienships, they may sever,
but a kind word or a smile is something that will last for ever.

You'll spend all your money to buy gifts that become borleen,
and your friends may leave you or perhaps become lost or forgotten.

Our memories do fade and the music becomes still,
we try so hard to remember and we pray that that we will.

we try hard to grasp our laughter although we won't ever,
so we hold tight the potograph of a smile that lasts forever.

By Joleen

Thank You for sharing

Here are some Quotes sent to me from SYLVRGRL12

- If I had the letters "H.R.T." I can add an "E.A." to get a heart. Or add
"U" and get "HURT". But I'd rather choose "U" and get "HURT" than have
a "HEART" without "U".

- It took me a minute to have a crush on you. An hour to like you and a
day to fall in love with you. But it will take me a lifetime to really
forget how much I've grown to love you.

- Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them
broken than to hurt yourself trying to put them back together. Or worse...
not having anything strong enough to bind it together.

- Of all the words of tongue and pen, these are the saddest... "It could
have been..."

- LOVE? It's kind of complicated but I'll tell you this... the second
you're willing to make yourself miserable to make someone else happy,
that's love right there.

- Giving someone your love is not an assurance that he or she will love
you back. Don't expect love in return. Wait for it to grow in that person's
heart. If it doesn't, be content, it grows in you.

Author unknown....for all quotes

The Epitaph

I used to think that life was a great thing.
Only good things would happen.
Untill I met him,
Then life was perfect.
We had a love like no other.
We loved for two months.
Then a great evil came and took him from me.
We fought for our distant love for another two months.
Then two ogres came and took him,
Even farther away.
And here I am.
At the ripe young age of 14.
I lay here with him.
My life,
My love.
The one who took the rope to my heart.
Now no evil nor ogre shall ever take him away.
Now we will never be apart.

- I knew there would come a time when we would have to stop being together.
Not because we stopped loving each other or started hating each other. But
because we realized one of us would be happier if we let the other go.

author: Kristine

Thank You for sharing

This poem is straight from the heart. A poem
I wrote after dealing whith 16 years of life. I'm now 19 and still feel
the same! I wrote this when I was in St.V's Hospital for drugs,self
mutilation,and suicide! 1997 oct


Brandy Joe

You call us names and throw things.
you act as if you dont care? you tell us we are bad and we need
medication because we act out. You also tell us we need jail just
because we mess up. But what about you? Instead of calling us names
hug us ,love us! Just becuse we make you mad dont give up on us thats
when you ask whats wrong and if you can help!!!!

Brandy White

Thank You for sharing

This was written for my lovely girlfriend April.
I love her with all my heart,
and I hope she loves me too.
This poem is straight from the heart, and I want her to know that.

I care about You!

Some say You're ugly some say you're fat,
but deep down inside you're nothin like that.

You know I love you and I care.
I will be there when you start to get old and grow gray hair.

I love you, love with all of my heart,
I will be there for you when your feelings fall apart.

When we kiss agian I hope you know
that right then and there our love will be true.

Some say we aren't meant to be but I think thats not true,
that if your there for me I'll be there for You!

written by Teddy (Clown Posse icp1)

Thank You for sharing


Self love, Self hate

Sometimes I wonder
How could this be
God didn't make any trash
But yet and still He made me
I know that's a bad thought
But I think it at times
When I'm down on myself
And the tears well up in my eyes
Sometimes I have to ask myself
Can I do anything right?
I have regretted my life...
Threatened to take it many nights
I have my sad spells
When I don't like being me
But when it's all said and done
I have to deal with me
Day after day
Fall after fall
Glancing into the same mistakes made
...Nothing to hate about
Nothing to hate about
These days, there's alot to cry about
Even though at times
I don't like who I am
I go on anyway
Sometimes its rough
But I know I have to take it day by day
Self love, self hate

Written by Sebastian

Thank You for sharing

There's so much I can't say
when I look into your eyes.

I'm worried you'll reject me
and hurt my foolish pride.

Each day this love grows stronger
but I could never let you know.

There's so much behind my smile
that I could never show.

I'd love you like no other
but you don't understand.

I would die inside if we could
be more than friends,

so my warmest thoughts will
be of you.


Thank You for sharing

~ I wrote this in regards to my first love. Well most probably wouldnt call it that, but
they weren't me and they didnt know how I truly felt about this guy that they all looked down

*To My Boy*

I know its a cliche
but honey its true
When i wake up in the morning
all I can think of is you

You bless me with your presence
oh if you only knew
That I would be nothing
if I didn't have you

I have messed up any chances
of being with you again
now my chances are
one out of ten

I wish I could tell you
just how I feel
but you would just turn your back
and I'm not ready for something that real

You have broken my heart
in more than one way
inside I'm slowly dieing
theres not much more to say,

You will probably disregard this
and wish it wasnt so
but theres no way to change my feelings
as you might already know

-Amy Golter

~I did give this to the guy that i wrote it for and he ended up doing what I thought he was
going to do and turned his back to how I felt. A few months after that, the miracle of us
getting back together actually came true. We were together for about a month and a half before
he decided to hurt me again. He ignored phone calls, acted like I was not even there at
practice and games so I decided it would be best just to give him up. I still have very strong
feelings for him and hope that someday we will be able to find each other again and those
special vibes that were once there.

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These poems came from the experiences that I have gone through in my life
and the pain I've felt from "love".

Around The Corner

Around the corner I have a friend,
In this great city that has no end.

Yet the days go by and weeks rush on,
and before I know it, a year is gone.

I never see my friend's face,
For life is a swift and terrible race.

He knows I like him just as well;
as in the days when I wrung his bell,
and he rung mine from time to time.

But that was then and this is now,
afterall; we never made a vow.

"Tomorrow", I say, "I will call on Time."
"Just to show that I'm thinking of him."

But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,
and the distance between us grows and grows.
Around the corner - yet miles away;
"Here's a telegram sir." "Tim died today."

And that's what we get and deserve in the end,
Around the corner, a vanished friend.

Written by McKinsey Beatty


She paused to stand
as she played with his watch in her hand.

All who were watching did not speak
as a silent tear ran down her cheek.

Through her mind the memories ran
of the moments they laughed and walked in the sand.

Now his eyes are so terrible cold,
for he will never again want her to hold.

She watched in silence as he walked away
and she whispered the words.."I Love You";
it was all she could say.

She touched his picture and started to cry,
crawled into bed, and only wanted to die.

All she wanted was a constant friend,
someone to hold onto until the end;
but the only thing that ever came her way,
was a life full of pain, deceit, and betray.

No one will ever understand,
the way she felt when holding his hand.

Her life has been torn apart,
for she allowed herself to feel what was in her heart.

She wishes she could hate
that one boy who has sealed her fate;
but no matter how much she will lie
or even try to deny.

She can't hide what's in her heart,
thought she knows they'll always be apart.

Written by McKinsey Beatty

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I Believe

I believe
that we don't have to change friends if we understand that
friends change.

I believe
that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you
every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.

I believe
that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance.

Same goes for true love.

I believe
that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life.

I believe
that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be.

I believe
that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the
last time you see them.

I believe
that you can keep going long after you think you can't.

I believe
that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel.

I believe
that either you control your attitude or it controls you.

I believe
that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the
passion fades and there had better be something else to take its place.

I believe
that heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be
done, regardless of the consequences.

I believe
that money is a lousy way of keeping score.

I believe
that my best friend and I can do anything or nothing and have the best time.

I believe
that sometimes the people you expect to kick you when you're down, will be
the ones to help you get back up.

I believe
that sometimes when I'm angry I have the right to be angry, but that doesn't
give me the right to be cruel.

I believe
that just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't
mean they don't love you with all they have.

I believe
that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and
what you've learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you've

I believe
that it isn't always enough to be forgiven by others. Sometimes you have to
learn to forgive yourself.

I believe
that no matter how bad your heart is broken the world doesn't stop for your

I believe
that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are,but we
are responsible for who we become.

I believe
that just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each
other. And just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do.

I believe
that you shouldn't be so eager to find out a secret. It could change your
life forever.

I believe
that two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally

I believe
that your life can be changed in a matter of hours by people
who don't even know you.

I believe
that even when you think you have no more to give, when a friend cries out
to you, you will find the strength to help.

I believe
that credentials on the wall do not make you a decent human being.

I believe
that the people you care about most in life are taken from you too soon.

Author Unknown

Sent in by Debra at grace_blackwidow@hotmail.com

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I am an EMT in Houston. My Ex and I have been apart for about six
months now and I was wondering if it is healthy to still miss her and
want her back. We were dating for Ten months.

Who's gonna Help me?

I am an EMT.
I help fix people who have been hurt all the time.
I mend broken bones and help heart attack victems.
I try to make them smile when they hurt.

Who's gonna help me?

She made me promise never to give up on us.
She said she'd never leave me.
She said she'd never hurt me.
Why did she break that promise?
Why did she leave me there with so many unanswered questions?
What did I do to deserve this pain I feel inside of me?
Who's gonna mend my broken heart?

Who's gonna help me?

Written by Dan Duncan

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He had black hair with a hint of brown.
He had the most beautiful light green eyes I have ever see.
He was sweet,and I thought he would never brake my heart,but I was wrong.
It wasn't love at first sight for me,but the second I looked into his beautiful
eyes he had my heart.
It took me two months to even tell my three best friends that I liked him.
About three months after I told them one of them asked him out for me.
He said yes,I couldn't stop smiling. Eventually I fell completely, hopelessly,
head-over-heels in love with him. Then one day it happened. He completely
shattered my heart:he broke up with me. I cried countless nights,in fact I still cry.
I tried to get him back,but every time i did he broke my heart even more. I finally
gave up on getting him back. After awhile we became friends again. Here lately
though,he has been acting like we never met. I wish I knew what was going on inside
his head. I know thats impossible. I still love him,But I WILL get over him one day.
I may never know why things worked out the way they did,but I do know I will
always remember my first love and he will always have a special place in my heart.

Written by Laura Wilson

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My ex-boyfriend and I became friends after we broke up,
but we weren't that good of friends. I never thought he would be the one who would
help me through a heartbreak.
I had a new boyfriend and I was as happy as I had ever been. I was in love.
I thought he loved me too,but apparently he didn't,considering he dumped me for
another girl.
One night my friend told me that he was thinking about breaking up with me, I
couldn't stop crying. The next day at school his best friend told me that he had got
a new girlfriend and it was over. When I got the news I just started walking,I
didn't know where I was going,then I saw my ex-boyfriend(the one before the one that
just broke up with me). I went up to him and ask him if he had seen any of my friends.
He said no and then he asked me if they were mad at me. I told him no,but when I did
my voice cracked and he looked up from his locker. He asked me what was wrong and
what had happened. I kept telling him that I would tell him later,but he wouldn't
take that for an ansewer. He asked me over and over again untill I finally told him.
We talked about it while we were walking to our classes. He didn't say anything that
made me laugh or smile,but it was just him showing concern that made me stopped
I wrote a poem dedicated to him.It doesn't really rhyme,but it is how i feel


You were the one who broke my heart before.
You made me cry for countless nights.
You caused me so much pain.
It took me so long to get over you,
but I finally did.
I found someone new,I fell in love again.
I thought it would last forever,
but he broke my heart into a million pieces.
When I heard the news that it was over,
none of my friends could stop the tears,
except one,and that was you.
You didn't say anything to make me laugh or smile,
but you showed you cared.
You proved that even after all we had been through,
you were still my friend.
You and you alone stopped the tears form flowing.
I thought I was over you,
I thought I only saw you as a friend,
but the truth is,
I've realized,
I still love you.

Written by Laura Wilson

"Saying Goodbye"
November 17, 2001 my best friend in the whole world over dosed. November 18, 2001
he died in the hospital at 7:45 p.m. I didn't get the news untill 9 o'clock that

The reason I'm writing this story so long after the death of my friend is
because it has taken me this long to where I can actually cope with it, and I just
found out that one of my best friends lost a dear friend in December of 1999.

We talked about the realtionships we had with are friends and we both came to the
realization that they are always with us. We may not be able to see, hear, or
touch them but they are in our hearts and they will stay there. We both know will
see them again one day, but we still miss them so much. Saying goodbye was the
hardest thing either of us has ever had to do, but we both did it in our own ways.

Recently my friend wrote a poem to describe how she feels and I have to admit I feel
the same way she does. Here is the poem:

"My Angel"
I thought when you died my life was over.
I lost a love, a friend, and a brother.

Now I know you are up in hevan watching and taking care of me.
I can always talk to you in my thoughts.

Still it might not be enough,
but it will hold me over untill we meet again.

When we were together we had our ups and downs,
but we were still together.

You were the first guy I loved,
first guy I kissed,
and the first guy to break my heart and fix it in a single day.

Now I miss you and wish I could see your face one more time,
or tell you I loved you one more time.

Now I have you as my gaurdian angel,
and I know You'll always keep me safe.

Dedicated to:
Christopher Hale 1984-1999
Justin Smith 1986-2001

They were the best friends a girl could ever have.

I will always miss my friend and I know she will always miss hers, but they are still
with us protcting us as our gaurdian angels and they will always be in our hearts.

Story "Saying Goodbye" written by Laura Tishea Wilson

Poem "My Angel" written by Carla LeAnna Huddleston

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My soul and mind are confused,
I donít know what I feel.

I donít know if any of this is for real,
I hope it is.

You are so right,
I hope weíll make it through the night.

And weíll end up in love,
Together until we go to heaven above.

Part of me

You and I were meant to live together,
You and I were meant to die together.

You and I were meant to laugh together,
You and I were meant to cry together.

When you left my arms I cried,
When you left my lips I died.

You left me but not my heart,
You left and it felt like a dart.

Youíll always be a part of me,
So baby donít you see,
you and I were meant to be.

You make me

When Iím sad
You make me smile.

When I want to cry
You make me laugh.

When I want to die
Youíre the reason I stay alive.

I think about you everyday
I never thought Iíd feel this way

Youíre the one

You know youíll never break my heart in half
Youíre the one that always makes me laugh.

I talk to you on the phone
Whenever Iím alone.

But everything I say
May turn the wrong way.

I donít want to hurt you
I just want to be with you
for all times.

Thereís no guy that is perfect
But youíre the one closest to it.

I say I love you

You know itís true
because of everything that weíve been through.

And if I die before you do,
Iíll be in heaven waiting for you.

Every tiny thing you do,
makes it all, oh, so true.

Now Iím lying in my bed,
thinking what to do.

To make you feel the love that I feel for you.
I need to tell you that I love you.

I get in my car
To drive really far.

Iím out on the street called avenue
and thinking what I will say to you.

But now Iím on the ground
waiting to be found.

Even with all the pain
I still feel the same.

I see you standing above me
saying soon Ill be free.

I stand up and look at you
I say weíll get through.

But you canít hear me
Iím already dead.

I knew weíd be together until I die
And I didnít live a lie.

I see the light
I kiss you good night.

" Iíll see you my love
In heaven above."

I lay in your arms
Counting your heart beats
When you talk.

It feels like you giving me treats
Youíre voice is so calm.
Youíre touch is so soft.

Youíre kiss is like a breeze
That touches me heart.

Whenever youíre away
My heart just dies.

Whenever youíre with me
My heart just flies.

Although itís sad cause youíll have to leave
Itís happy cause youíre here with me.

A promise

You think you know me
But you have no clue.

You think you love me
But you donít know what I mean to you.

You said youíd protect me
If any harm came my way.

I thought your words could set me free
That my sky will never be gray.

But now Iím in a white place
Thinking how I got here.

I donít remember any trace
All I can feel is the fear.

My face hurts
My body is a wreck.

My heart burns
My soul is awake.

I really believed you told me the truth
But the truth was just a lie.

I really thought youíd protect me
But you didnít even try.

So now Iím dead
Because I couldnít do anything.

I felt so dread
I wish I could have stayed to finish one last thing.

I wish I could have to told you
How much I really loved you.

And its not youíre fault
It is mine.

I got myself into this mess
I didnít know what to do.

I followed your every trace
I really wanted to get through
To you.

So remember my love
That I love you.

And I did what I promised
I died for you.

Please live you life full with happiness
Get married.

Have kids
Buy them little treats.

But please my darling
Donít forget about me.

I am a part of you
Just like youíre a part of me.

I hope you knew
My feelings were true.

And that you loved me too.

Leaving me

you're leaving me in the dark...
leaving me with all this pain.

soon you'll come back...
and more pain I will gain...

you think I have to put up with everything you do
but I donít need to take this shit from you.

Tell me this is real

and tell me how you really feel,
donít lie.

Just try for once in your life
tell me the truth.

You think you can always get mad at me
and I wont give a damn.

Thereís something you should know
The feelings that I donít show.

I love you more that the other
I really believe I know why.

I love the way I feel
When Iím next to you.

I love the way I feel
When I hear your voice.

I donít show how I feel
because I donít know how.

I really hope this is real
and I donít act like a cow.

When I saw you cry
I finally understood.

The colour of your sky
I never meant to hurt you.

I didnít know what to do
I couldnít believe
that you made me cry.

I hope these hurtful feelings would die.
If love means pain
than Iím going through hell.

If love means peace
I know Iím in heaven.

In heaven that I
created in your eyes.

I hope you learn to recognize
that I really love you.

And I if I die before you do
Iíll go to heaven and wait for you.

Poems Written by:
Alexandra Kozy

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