Welcome to The Craft Gallery. I hope you
enjoy your visit here.
Thank You for visiting my page.

Here I will put pictures of the different kinds of
crafts that I make or will make in the future...maybe.

Here are some that I have NOT made yet but
may make them in the future.

Here are some Cross Stitch Angels I think are just
Will I make them???....Hmmmmmm....maybe.....

A Beautiful Angel from Japan.

A Beautiful Angel from Norway.

A Beautiful Angel from Russia.

A Beautiful Angel from South America.

Here are some that I have made.

I am working on this Table Topper right now.
It is a stamped cross stitch and will take a while to finish.
I will add a pretty 2 inch lace around it to finish it off.

I am working on this Crocheted Angel.
She will stand almost 20" Tall. I will use Mint Green Crochet Thread.
I will decorate her with Mint Green Pearls and maybe Green Jewels and maybe
White Ribbon Roses.
She can be use on a Mantel or a Table or a very large Tree.

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