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*~~ Dare to Dream ~~*

Let nothing hold you back from
exploring your wildest fantasies,
wishes, and aspirations.

Don't be afraid to dream big
and to follow your dreams
wherever they may lead you.

Open your eyes to their beauty;
Open your mind to their magic;
open your heart to their

Whether they are in color
or in black and white,

Whether they are big or small,
easily attainable
or almost impossible,
look to your dreams,
and make them become reality.

Wishes and hopes are nothing
until you take the first step
towards making them something!

Because only by dreaming
will you ever discover
who you are, what you want,
and what you can do.

Don't be afraid to take risks,
to become involved,
to make a commitment.

Do whatever it takes to make
your dreams come true.

Always believe in miracles,
and always believe in you !

Author Unknown

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